The day my world got flipped upside down


This is my first blog ever, so things may get a little out of hand. In English class the other day we were supposed to write down as many memories as we could. The following isn’t what I wrote down, but it is a moment in my life that I will never forget.

The sun was bright, and it was really warm to almost be Easter!

The kids were playing tag in the yard, which turned into a game of boys chasing the girls.

The adults were getting food ready so everyone could eat dinner before we went hunting for Eggs

My sister called from the Kitchen “Sash, your phone is ringing”

“Who is it I asked” I was planning on ignoring it. The caller id blinked unknown.

An unknown caller on a Sunday,it was an odd occurrence.

I answered, my father-in-law was on the other end.

“sweetie, there has been an accident, Jasons been hurt real bad. He is being airlifted to UK Medical center”

I dropped to my knees and go completely. I ask so many questions, but there isn’t an answer to any of them yet.

After a few seconds I get the strength to walk into the kitchen and tell everyone what happened.

I gather my things and run out to my car as fast as I can, only to hear my sister behind me.

Thank goodness she is coming with me.

I drive to UK hospital not remembering any of the drive but realizing that I arrived very quickly.

walking into the ER seeing my husband, the love of my life, my world, laying on a stretcher

back board under his back, a neck collar to keep him from moving.

Nurses and doctors everywhere, blood and IVs

A nurse pulls me to the side, tells me that he is in serious condition and that they are rushing him to Xray and MRI. He has some head, neck and back trauma, and that I needed to wait in the waiting room.

Sitting there for what seemed like hours, but was really only a few minuets.

the doctor finally comes in, He can’t feel or move his left arm, he is in stable condition, but I can see him.

walking into the private ER room, felt like an eternity.

preparing myself for the worst that I could imagine, just to make myself stronger.

Only the neck brace, and IVs remained

His eyes were closed, he was sleeping, there was a lot of pain medication in his system.

holding his hand, tracing circles on the back of it. he opens his eyes and gives me a weak smile.

i lost all composure i had at that moment.

Tears, sobs overcame my entire body unable to stop crying

he tries to comfort me, hearing his voice only makes my crying more uncontrollable.

The doctors pull me away because I have paperwork to fill out, while he needed a CT scan

I love yous were exchanged and off he went, in the opposite direction that I was being lead to.

The doctors said he would be fine, however there was nerve damage. He may never be able to use his left arm again.

allowing the tears to flow once again

I was angry that it was him that was injured and not me.

Months of therapy, pain, frustration, and the desire to give up

Therapy not working and surgery being our next option.

The months of pain from the metal that was implanted

The rehabilitation, the lawyers, the bills, the stress and the pain.

I remember the day that my world got flipped upside down, and nothing remains the same.