Its a love Hate Relationship!!


I would love to hate it. I would also hate to love it.

It’s everywhere right now, Buy this, get that.

Candy here, Flowers there, Edible bouquets of fruit arranged to look like flowers.

There are so many expectations, so many standards that its just not possible to live up to them.

Yes I am talking out the one day of the year, where everyone gets all mushy and lovey dovey. Where girls expect these elaborates gifts from their boyfriends, fiance`s or their husbands.

All this money is spent on candy and for what? To gain a few extra pounds so our significant other can hear us complain abut being fat?

Florist spend hundreds of hours getting these bouquets of roses ready to deliver, ship and show up on work desks all over the country, just so they can be a symbol of someones “love” for us?

You want to give me this beautiful creation, in a glass Vase that i get to look at for a week before it withers away and dies as a symbol of your “undying ” love? No.

Dinner, Dinner and a movie seems like a safe idea yes? You can get all dressed up, go to a fancy restaurant, let her order whatever she wants (no complaining about getting fat there). A nice quiet dinner followed by a 7:00 movie… right ?

WRONG!! It is Valentines Day. If you didn’t make reservations somewhere, you aren’t getting in. And if you are lucky enough to get in somewhere, you have already been waiting for a table for over an hour. Your server is exhausted because she is going on hour 7 of her shift with out a break and the previous 4 tales didn’t leave a tip. The kitchen takes forever to get your food cooked because lets face it…. they have at least 100 other people to cook for at that exact same moment. Ohh and your just got your main course and the movie started 5 minutes ago…

So here is some advice from a married woman of over 7 years, and a current waitress… Go rent a few movies, make a homemade pizza together cuddle on the couch and enjoy your night of just being together. Don’t worry about well she got this or he bought her that! Good for them, but will they really remember how the caviar tasted that night? Or will they remember making pizza dough together and getting into a flour fight? (trust me its the flour fight :))

Valentines day is just a marketing ploy to get people to spend  money to show someone else how much they love them. Do it every day of the year. A simple I love you, a hug, or a kiss on the forehead will usually suffice.

So I lied. its not a love hate relationship with Valentines day. Its a hate hate relationship, and my husband is perfectly ok with that.