Some times we just don’t understand


Tonight I write this entry with a heavy heart. Not for me, but for a friend. She just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, in what should have been a joyous time, was not. 

This friend of mine, was told that she could not conceive children, and low and behold she was pregnant with fraternal twin girls. Everything seemed normal for a long time, she was nearly 20 weeks in when she was rushed to the hospital  in labor. At 20 weeks there was no way that the babies could survive. Today she delivered one of the two babies at 21 weeks and she passed within a few hours. 

The family can’t even grieve properly over the loss of one baby because there is a second still in the womb. The doctors were able to stop the labor and hopefully the second baby will be able to hold out for another 3-4 weeks. My heart goes out to this family, to my friends…

Sometimes we just don’t understand what Gods plan is, but know that it’s for the best… although times like these we wonder why. Rest in peace little angel in pink.